ISRP-SIRP International Service for Renumerations and Pensions - Service International des Rénumérations et des Pensions


To access IPSI-KiosK and your payslips,
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Change of address

You are going to move, please inform ISRP as soon as possible by using the form. If you change country, please use the form “Change of address” below.


Change of bank account

If you change of bank account, it is important to communicate your new bank details to ISRP a month in advance to avoid an interruption in your pension payment. To do this, please complete and return the form with evidence.


Change of fiscal address

If you plan to move to another country, it is important to inform ISRP at least one month before. Please using the form to indicate your new data (tax address, phone, email, bank details) and return it with evidence to ISRP.


Change of pension scale

You wish to change the scale on which your pension is calculated; before making your decision, please read Article 33, which defines your rights. To request your change of pension scale please complete and return the form below to ISRP, at least one month in advance.


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