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ISRP manages over 11 000 pensions for 10 international organisations with over 20 000 active staff members.

ISRP offers a pension portal for the following organisations:

    • NATO
    • OECD
    • ESA
    • Council of Europe
    • ECMWF
    • EU SatCen
    • Former WEU
    • EUISS
    • CEB

This special portal provides information on pensions to both active staff and pensioners.

Active staff and pensioners of these organisations can get access to their dedicated portal by entering a username and password into the login window on top of the page. For more information on how to login, click here.

What can you expect on your dedicated pension portal?

Active Staff

    • You can simulate your leaving allowance in case you are leaving your organisation before acquiring pension rights.
    • You can simulate your future pension.
    • You can find information on rules and regulations related to pensions.
    • You can access ISRP practical notebooks. (Some notebooks are dedicated especially to questions of active staff with respect to pensions and leaving allowance, but also to rules and regulations for the transfer of pension rights.)


    • You can look up the monthly pension payment dates.
    • You can consult the ISRP annual letter for pensioners.
    • You can find the name of the pension payroll officer in charge of your organisation as well as her/his contact details.
    • You can consult all pension-related contacts within your organisation.
    • You can get information and forms with respect to your medical insurance (if this information is provided by your organisation).
    • You can get access to the ISRP practical notebooks which provide simplified practical information with respect to pensions, e.g. on the different pension schemes, on survivor’s benefits, on how to prepare for your retirement.
    • You will also find links to reference documents on national regulations with respect to pension rights acquired in international organisations.
    • If relevant for your organisation, you will be able to find all forms which ISRP uses to keep your pension file up to date.
    • Depending on your organisation, you will find other information and features.

We hope you find the pension portal useful.

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