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Organisation of workshops

Fotolia WorkshopsThe ISRP organises regular professional workshops in the fields of pensions and remunerations, enabling international organisations to share their experience and forge valuable networks.

In the field of pensions, since June 2001, the ISRP has organised, in close collaboration with the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF), the “Workshop on Pensions in International Organisations”, where specialists responsible for pension schemes of international organisations meet. These workshops bring together specialists from approximately forty international organisations of various sizes.

These workshops on pensions in international organisations are organised approximately every 18 months. 

In the field of remunerations, approximately every 18 months, the ISRP brings together all international organisations that are directly involved with, or follow closely, the Co-ordination system.

ISRP endeavours to assemble the maximum number of people involved in the topic concerned, in order to make the discussions more productive for all involved.

If you have never participated in any of the previous workshops but you are interested in attending the next workshop, please send us a message by using the contact form.


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