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What we do

The ISRP carries out a wide range of services for both the Co-ordinated Organisations (NATO, ESA, EUMETSAT, ECMWF, Council of Europe, OECD) & Associated Organisations, such as in-depth salary studies & statistics, surveys, remuneration & pension management, legal advice & job market analysis for the public/private sector.

visu2The ISRP provides specialist services in the field of remunerations and pensions. It is a monitoring and research facility that also conducts studies and gives advice while providing a range of shared services to its beneficiary organisations. The ISRP consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialists including lawyers, statisticians, actuaries, financial experts, remuneration specialists and high-level administrators who are at the service of the Co-ordinated Organisations and other international organisations with a shared interest in remunerations, pensions and social security cover.

Today the ISRP is made up of four Units whose functions revolve around four key activities:

  • pensions administration;
  • studies and analysis;
  • the management of pension reserve funds; and
  • overseeing the secretariat of the statutory consultation bodies of the Co-ordinated Organisations.


Based in Paris and Brussels, the Payroll Administration Units are responsible for the administration and payment of pensions for a dozen international organisations. The Payroll Administration Units currently manage 11 000 pensions paid worldwide in a variety of currencies.

The Studies and Support Unit is comprised of statisticians, actuaries, financial specialists and experts in remuneration. The team conducts comparative analyses, studies and simulations on remuneration systems, as well as fundamental studies on the parity of purchasing power between different countries. In the field of social schemes, the Studies and Support Unit can calculate the actuarial commitments of organisations, analyse their financial plans and even establish strategies for reserve fund investment.

The Fund Administration Unit is in charge of administering the pension reserve funds that have been entrusted to the ISRP by certain organisations. This Unit is responsible for half a billion Euros in financial assets which are invested in the markets, and which the Unit must analyse and account for by reporting on the performance of investments.

Finally, the Committees’ Secretariat Unit includes administrators and lawyers specialising in the rights of international organisations. It endeavours to encourage the co-operation of the different stakeholders - Co‑ordinated and other Organisations' administrations, member countries and representatives of personnel - around the strategic subjects of remunerations, pensions and social schemes.

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