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The aims of Co-ordination

The principle aim of the co-ordination system is to provide recommendations on issues concerning salaries and allowances to the Governing bodies of the Co-ordinated Organisations, in order to remove separate detailed discussions on these issues from each of them, as well as from their budget committees. These recommendations concern particularly:

  • Basic salary scales, and the method of their adjustment, for all categories of staff and for all member countries where there are active staff or recipients of a pension;
  • Pension Scheme Rules;
  • The function, the amount and the method of adjustment of:
      • Expatriation allowance,
      • Household allowance,
      • Installation allowance,
      • Dependant's allowance,
      • Daily subsistence allowance,
      • Kilometric allowance,
      • Expatriated child allowance,
      • Education allowance,
      • Allowance for a handicapped child.


Co-ordination has developed over time, as has its way of functioning and the participants.

In addition, at the present time, 28 associated international organisations employing over 13 000 staff members either apply the co-ordinated scales or follow them closely.

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