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Committees' Secretariat

Committees secretariat resizedISRP acts as the secretariat for the Co-ordination Committees such as the CCR, the CRSG and PACCO, as well as for a group of 24 International Financial Institutions (IFI). In this role, it is responsible for the preparation of agendas, minutes, working documents, reports, and the organisation of the meetings.

The Committees’ Secretariat Unit of the ISRP acts as the secretariat for several bodies, including, among others, the Co-ordinating Committee on Remuneration (CCR), which is composed of representatives of Member States of the Co-ordinated Organisations, and the Committee of Representatives of the Secretaries/Directors General (CRSG). These committees, in combination with the Committee of Staff Representatives (CRP) are the three partners in the system of co-ordination shared by six international organisations (Council of Europe, ECMWF, ESA, EUMETSAT, OECD and NATO). The aim of the co-ordination system is to provide recommendations on issues of salaries, allowances and pensions with regard to the Co-ordinated Pension Scheme to the Governing bodies of these Co-ordinated Organisations (CO). 

The Unit is also the secretariat for the Pensions Administrative Committee of the Co-ordinated Organisations (PACCO), which has the responsibility of overseeing the correct and uniform application of the co-ordinated Pension Scheme Rules and of advising the organisations with their new pension schemes. The Unit is responsible for establishing the Tables of Equivalence for the tax adjustment paid under the Pension Scheme Rules.

The role of the Committees’ Secretariat Unit extends beyond the co-ordination system. It acts as the secretariat for a group of currently 24 International Financial Institutions (IFI), formed to share knowledge and promote a common understanding of human resource best practices, with a particular focus on compensation and benefits policies. It also plays this role for a special enlarged meeting of the CRSG taking place every 18 months, to include 27 international organisations that follow the work of co-ordination.

In this role of secretariat for these bodies, the ISRP is responsible for the preparation of agendas, minutes, working documents, reports, and for organising the meetings, including Working groups set up to study specific technical issues. In addition, the ISRP provides technical support, analysis and studies to the committees and organisations involved.


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