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Pension Fund Administration

fund adminThe ISRP has been mandated by several international organisations to administer their pension funds. In this role, it organises board meetings, provides information and analysis needed for investment decisions to different groups and then implements these decisions.

The Fund Administration Unit was established in 2006. It presently serves the Advisory Committee of the OECD Provident Fund, the Management Boards of the Pension Reserve Funds of the OECD and the Council of Europe, as well as the Committee for Administration of the Pension Reserve Funds of the European Union Satellite Center, the European Union Institute for Security Studies and the Hague Conference on Private International Law. Within its mandate, it is in charge of organising Committee and Board meetings, providing support and analysis needed for investment decisions taken by Committees and Management Boards as well as for their full implementation. Implementation involves preparation for the selection process of providers, contract management, market execution, investment monitoring and reporting. Finally, the Fund Administration Unit manages the treasury of the Funds and is responsible for carrying out the treasury accounting.

The joint administration of several Funds promotes knowledge-sharing and economies of scale with respect to investment costs while respecting the independence of funds, as well as the privacy of Organisations.

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