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Pension Management

Fotolia Pension ManagementThe Pensions Computation Unit calculates pension benefits, verifies entitlement, remits payment, and delivers pay slips. It provides reports, accounting data and statistics to organisations.

The Pensions Computation Unit offers the following services:

    • Monthly calculation of pension, allowance and tax adjustment amounts;
    • Elaboration of statements required for the payment of pensions, recovery of tax adjustments and accounting control with regards to pensions expenditure.

This also entails preparation of all documents (including monthly pay slips) that the Organisations use in processing and paying pensions, allowances and tax adjustments, along with records of payments made during the fiscal year which both the Organisation and pensioners must submit to national tax authorities.

    • The revision and control of continuing entitlement to benefits;
    • Management of pensioner records and ensuring that these are kept up to date;
    • Remittance of pensions, allowances and tax adjustments in the name of, and on behalf of, any Organisation having delegated authority of their bank accounts to the ISRP for this purpose;
    • Settlement of estates with notaries, calculation of the outstanding amounts, and finalisation of the debit/credit accounts.

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